Assignments & Appointments

Committee Chair is first person listed. Alternate is 3rd person listed.The Mayor is a member of each committee as ex-officio. (By virtue of his title.)

2022 Committee Assignments / Mayoral Appointments

Committee Appointees
Finance Office
Joe Zeller, Mike Wetz, Tammy Lichty
Public Safety
(Police, Fire, Civil Defense, Emergency Warning System)
Joe Zeller, Mike Wetz, Jim Odegaard
Streets, Park, Ballpark
(Alleys, Sidewalks, City Hall Mowing, Storm Sewer, Street Equipment)
Jeff Swartz, Jim Odegaard, Tammy Lichty
(Lights and Power, Water, Sewer, Pool, City Hall Snow Removal, Utility Equipment)
Joe Zeller, Susan Hargens, Jeff Swartz
Airport, City Planning and Zoning
Tammy Lichty, Mike Wetz, Jeff Swartz
Buildings Maintenance Susan Hargens, Joe Zeller, Jeff Swartz
Personnel Jim Odegaard, Tammy Lichty, Susan Hargens
Beautification Susan Hargens, Jim Odegaard
Workplace Safety Mike Wetz, Susan Hargens, Jim Odegaard
On Hand Economic Development Delegate
Joe Zeller
Housing Jeff Swartz, Mike Wetz